La Taverne de la Brouette

« La brouette » is the house of the corporation of the “graissiers”. It is Saint-Gilles, their patron saint, who watches over the destiny of this welcoming and rustic tavern.
Open fire, ancient chandeliers, “patinés” floors and well-dressed waiters are some elements that will assure a good moment.
The menu accommodates small hungers but big ones too. While making your choice you can savour a “pils” or a special beer”.
This pleasant place allows you to “play tourist” from time to time to contemplate this unique Grand Place that Victor Hugo loved so much!

History of Brouette

This mansion of the XII century was also property of the Serghuys Family. Like most of the houses of this period it was built of wood. In 1439, the corporation “les graissiers” decided to buy out the house and to make it their headquarters. Rebuilt in stones in 1644, it resisted partially to the bombardments of 1695. It was restored in 1697 in the same style as the “king of Spain”. The statue of Saint Gilles, head of the “graissiers” can be admired there. Above the door, there is a sign which represents a wheelbarrow.

Virtual visit of "la Brouette" tavern